Micron WA (Water Activated) is the exciting new addition to Interluxís industry leading Micron product range. It is a showcase antifouling paint that offers long-lasting, multi-seasonal protection in a water-based formulation. Micron WA combines powerful antifouling performance while reducing impact on the environment; leaving a smooth, clean hull. Ideal for cruise, power and sail boats and suitable for all waters. Micron antifouling technology for use by boat owners and professionals who want the micron benefit: long-lasting, multi-season, controlled polishing, and proven performance. Excellent protection the latest in enhanced technology that combines powerful antifouling performance with outstanding protection in all waters. Easy to apply easy to use with brush or roller, indoors or outdoors, and has low odor and VOC omissions. Fast drying times for year-around use and launch. Micron WA delivers a polished, smooth surface minimizes the prep for the next application. Environmentally responsible the solution for boat owners looking for protection, performance and fuel efficiency. Fiberglass, wood and properly primed metal. Do not use on aluminum.

Interlux - Micron WA - Gallon

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