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The First 2-in-1 Marine Winterizing & Protective Solution In A Can!


Winterize-It Pro is a quick and easy way to winterize your outboard or PWC cooling system. It leaves behind a protective coating that fights corrosion and prevents freezing by forcing out any residual water trapped in your engines cooling system!



1. Lightly shake can for approximately 10 seconds.

2. Locate the factory built-in flushing system and securely attach hose from Winterize-It Pro. Be sure motor is in a down position, turned off and on level ground. Be sure to elevate the bow of any Personal Water Craft.

3. Depress button to dispence Winterize-It Pro.

4. When Winterize-It Pro fluid begins to exit the exhaust, the power head cooling system is now protected.

5. Remove Winterize-It Pro hose from motor flushing system and properly discard empty can per your home states requirements.

6. Securley reattach factory flush system connector back to motor (if applicable)



Without water connected, Give the engine several short bursts of power to blow out excess water from exhaust system. Do this until you do not see water exiting the exhaust port, but not longer than 15 seconds. Then follow the directions above.



Winterize-It Pro

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